How Dentists can Help you Brighten your Teeth using the Crest Whitening Strips


Crest teeth whitening strips are products that are basically for brightening colored teeth. If you intend to use these crest whitening strips, you will need some tips to help you do this without much risk. We are having a brief discussion into some of the tips to enable you use crest whitening strips.

First you must know that crest whitening strips will only whiten natural teeth. Defects like caps, crowns, fillings and dentures may not be remedied with crest whitening strips. The strips are also for recommended ages. Whitening procedures may irritate the pulp of the tooth which at young ages may still be sensitive.

Also remember that the bleaching effect of the crest whitening strips works best with yellow stains. As such stains on your teeth caused by antibiotics such as tetracycline will not be effectively removed with crest whitening strips. If you wish to whiten teeth colored by antibiotics, you may as such do well with a highland park il dentist doing your whitening and follow on with the bleaching afterwards. On top of this is the fact that crest whitening strips will only work on the front of your teeth. They are not formulated to work on the back of the teeth. When you use them on the back of the teeth, they may become loose and eventually fall off.

Check for the expiry date of the crest whitening strips. Never use those that have passed their expiry dates. These have a weakened efficacy for whitening. Thus ensure that you have the right product for whitening and that has a period that will last its use. Another precautionary step is to ensure that the use of the crest whitening strips is not coupled with the use of braces.

This is because braces will cover certain parts of the teeth and as such these will not be reached with the gel on the crest whitening strip. The use of dental braces alongside crest whitening strips will therefore lead to unevenly colored teeth. Also mind if you have an ongoing dental procedure. Should such be the case, then consult with your dentist highland park il if crest whitening strips will be appropriate.

Never cut the crest whitening strips into smaller pieces. This may cause them to dislodge and end up being aspirated. Also remember that crest whitening strips may cause some people teeth irritation and gum sensitivity.